About JES

Mission Statement

With high expectations, collaboration, and hard work, Jonesport Elementary School provides a welcoming and academically rich environment where all feel empowered and encouraged to reach their full potential.

District Core Beliefs & Values

  • All children deserve a caring, nurturing learning experience in a safe, healthy environment;
  • Children's lives are influenced by many factors; therefore, it is essential that a variety of people be a part of their education: families, communities, teachers, and most importantly, the students themselves;
  • Each child has a different background and set of learning capabilities; schools need to keep this in mind and give every child the opportunity to learn to his/her potential;
  • School is an important part of a life-long learning process;
  • Education should be an interesting and stimulating experience for all children;
  • Schools play an important part in the development and enhancement of student self-esteem;
  • Respect and accountability should be among the chief lessons we teach children;
  • Schools should be places where teachers and students, alike, have high expectations for themselves and each other;
  • Open, honest communication is the lifeblood of any good school;
  • All children should leave school prepared to be productive, responsible members of global society.

Teachers & Staff

Learn more about who we are by visiting our Staff Page.

Photo of JES building

Jonesport Elementary School

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